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Volume 13, Number 1 (Summer 2014)
Current Issue

  • The Affordable Care Act: Flawed but Fixable
  • Suggestions for Improving Health Reform
  • The Post-ACA Landscape - What’s Next?
  • Secrets of the World’s Most Inspiring Leaders

Volume 12, Number 2 (Fall 2013)

  • Providers and Risk - Changes on the Way
  • Health Reform Sparks New Interest in Captives
  • Excess Loss Risk Issues in the Post ACA Individual Market
  • Is Medicare Plus Pricing Worth A Look?

Volume 12, Number 1 (Summer 2013)

  • Patient Power – How Health Care Will Change in the 21st Century
  • Health Care Reform and the Future of American Medicine
  • Managed Care: A View From Wall Street
  • Countdown to Meltdown? What’s Next for the U.S. Health Care System?

Volume 11, Number 3 (Fall 2012)

  • Increased Insurance Costs and the Affordable Care Act
  • New Carrier Risk in a World of Unlimited Maximums
  • Can You Afford to Ignore the Self-Insured Segment?
  • Large Claims Increasing Despite Low Cost Trends

Volume 11, Number 2 (Summer 2012)
Symposium 2012-Special Edition

  • The Affordable Care Act Is The Wrong Way To Go by Karl Rove
  • Who Will Lead The Healthcare Transformation by Michael O. Leavitt
  • The Healthcare Battleship: Too Big To Turn by Bob Laszewski
  • What Is Your Company's Return On Innovation? by Robert Tucker

Volume 11, Number 1 (Winter 2012)

  • Outlook For State Health Exchanges Remains Uncertain
  • Will Supremes Kick The Can Down The Road?
  • Self Funding: Growth Opportunity For Small Group Market
  • Are Prescription Drug Shortages In Your Future?

Volume 10, Number 3 (Fall 2011)

  • What Should Health Industry CEOs Be Focused On for 2012 & Beyond?
  • Medical Cost Trend Review
  • Is There Life Outside The Exchanges?
  • Understanding The Cancer Cost Conundrum

Volume 10, Number 2 (Summer 2011)

  • Monumental Changes Mean New Opportunities in the Healthcare Market
  • MRL & Agent Fees: NAIC Study Group Supports Change
  • Cost Containment Challenges Presented by Premature infants
  • Three Crucial Conversations for Leaders

Volume 10, Number 1 (Winter 2011)

  • 10 Questions About the Future of Health Reform
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management:
    Are You Getting the Best Rx Discounts Available?
  • Star Ratings for MA Plans: Pay Increases Linked to Quality Improvements
  • Accountable Care Organizations: The Case for Flexible Partnerships Between Health Plans and Providers
    (Contributed by Health Affairs)

Volume 9, Number 2 (Fall 2010)

  • Health Reform Means Opportunity: Managing Capital & Risk Will Be Key to Success
  • Limited Medical Plans - Reform Means Some Winners and Some Losers
  • Medicare Advantage - Flourishing In a Dynamic New Marketplace
  • Medical Management - Now More Than Ever a Key to Bending the Cost Curve
  • Fighting Antibiotic Resistance: Marrying New Financial Incentives to Meeting Public Health Goals

Volume 9, Number 1 (Spring 2010)

  • Health Reform Remains Vital: A Few Good Ideas
  • Supplemental Insurance Opportunities: Can US Health Plans Learn From What Works in Europe?
  • Medical Cost Trend 2010: Moving in the Right Direction
  • Copay Coupons: Defeat the Purpose of Rx Formularies
  • COBRA Premium Subsidy Extensions: What to Expect in 2010

Volume 8, Number 2 (Fall 2009)

  • Cost vs. Care: How Other Countries Balance Public and Private Health Insurance
  • Claim Trend: Large Claims Aren’t the Only Problem
  • Legislative and Regulatory Trends
  • Late Preterm Deliveries: A Cause for Concern
  • Controlling and Reducing the Cost of Specialty Drugs

Volume 8, Number 1 (Summer 2009)

  • Large Claims Spiral Upward
  • What Healthcare Reform Could Mean for Medical Underwriting
  • Medicare Advantage: Challenges & Opportunities in '09
  • Legislative and Regulatory Trends
  • Who Pays When a Student Athlete Suffers a Life-Altering Injury?

Volume 7, Number 2 (October 2008)

  • Healthcare Policy Reform
  • Retiree Medical Solutions
  • New Trend: Outsourcing Medical Underwriting
  • Emerging Market for Individual Health Insurance
  • Rx Pipeline

Volume 7, Number 1 (June 2008)

  • Employer Stop Loss Survey
  • Large Claim Trends and Management
  • Staying Afloat in a Sea of Claim Costs
  • Rx Pipeline

Volume 6, Number 3 (November 2007)

  • Regression Toward the Mean and Impact on Stop Loss Pricing
  • Medicare Outlook: Keys to Success in the New Senior Market
  • Pandemic Index Solution for Bird Flu Concern
  • New Modeling Tool Helps Predict Stop Loss Estimates
  • Understanding Weight Loss Surgery
  • Reserving for Accident Catastrophic Claims
  • Technology Pipeline

Volume 6, Number 1 (March 2007)

  • Medicare Part D-2007 Update
  • The Impact of Lasers on Specific Stop Loss Trends
  • Risk Factors Impacting Neonatal Costs
  • Technology Pipeline

Volume 5, Number 3 (December 2006)

  • Hidden Danger for MGUs and Insurers:
    Aggregating Specific Deductibles
  • RSV Treatment May Widen Payer’s Approach
  • Stop loss: Navigating through a soft market
  • Technology Pipeline

Volume 5, Number 2 (August 2006)

  • Neonatal Respiratory Failure
  • Predictive Modeling: Moving to Mainstream
  • What's a “Floor” For? Transplant Contract Considerations
  • Coming Down the Pipeline: New Medical Technologies

Volume 5, Number 1 (April 2006)

  • Medicare Part D: An Update
  • First Inhaled Insulin Treatment: FDA Approved
  • Treating Chronic Illness:
    Challenging and Costly in Patients with Depression
  • Coming Down the Pipeline: New Medical Technologies

Volume 4, Number 4 (December 2005)

  • Personal Accident Reinsurance: Increasing Importance As Catastrophic Events Grow
  • Disease Management: 3 Issues Key to Realizing Potential Savings
  • Hemodialysis: Planning,Type Selection, Early Placement, Can Significantly Reduce Complications

Volume 4, Number 3 (September 2005)

  • A New Era of Emerging Cancer Therapies
  • Recent Advances in Perinatal and Neonatal Care
  • Comparison of PPO Discounts Among Rating Manuals

Volume 4, Number 2 (June 2005)

  • Coverage Decisions: Experimental vs Standard of Care
  • Care Management Success: Vendors Report Dramatic Savings Increase
  • Network Discounts May Be Misleading

Volume 4, Number 1 (February 2005)

  • Did the Institute of Medicine Report on Medical Errors Build a Safer Health System?
  • Pricing for Network Discounts:Outlier Provisions
  • Rising Healthcare Costs Start Early in Life


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